Creation of an archive box about rock&core bands — +40 rock&core Bands —, concerning an editorial brief/project. The box/compendium contains more than 40 foldouts, each one about a specific band with bio and discography plus some posters and other band and music design products. • Archive box (150 x 210 x 80 mm) and A5 foldouts • FBAUP June 2012
Originally designed for an application to Nodebox, an open source program for generating 2D animations with Python programming code. The idea was to generate a random amount of music styles based on clothes and accessories. Then the idea evolved to make illustrated postcards with the theme: Choose, Make, Be. • 148 x 210 mm • Techniques: hand drawing; painted with markers; mixed media; graphic layout; digital print in Renova Print Paper. • FBAUP January 2011
Under was my final graduation project. Is similar to a fanzine with an experimental approach related with the package — an envelope. Inside there are illustrations, collages, drawings, printmaking, photography, textures and everything related to collectable objects or items. I call them Lost Objects: thinks that we don't care so much at first sight but we feel like we need to keep. The main theme is what we see in so many different ways and is expressed in Under package through different techniques and shapes. • 210 x 297 mm • Techniques: hand drawings; digital coloring; collages and mixed media; graphic layout; digital printing on Munken, Kraft and Tracing Papers. • FBAUP September 2012
Illustration of Eyjafjallajoejull's Volcano. There are three main characters: the volcano, the greenhouse gases and the global warming. The idea is to explain/exemplify in a scientific way what happens when a volcano begins to erupt. • 500 x 700 mm • Techniques: hand drawing; painted with acrylic and markers; framed in a self-made wood box • FBAUP June 2010
Illustration of Hansel and Gretel's tale. The characters are Mexican skulls full of color with some old school tattoos characteristics inspired by the work of tattoo artist Saira Kaur Hunjan. • 420 x 420 mm • Techniques: hand drawing painted with markers and acrylic on Offset Paper • FBAUP May 2011
Digital adaptation of the previous Hansel and Gretel's illustrations. • 148 x 148 mm • Techniques: mixed media and digital printing on Renova Print Paper • FBAUP May 2011

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