Who the hell is Raquel Boavista?
I'm a methodical and earthy graphic designer with a pinch of artistic ambitions that I'm trying to rid off. Probably this artsy feelings exist due to my design studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Porto (2008-2012) or even before that, at Soares dos Reis Art School (2004-2007).
I'm interested in a critical graphic design, mainly in the field of education, as I am at the moment in hands with my final report/thesis to become a teacher, concerning a Master Degree in Teaching of Visual Arts (MEAV) hold between the Faculty of Psychology and Education Science (FPCEUP) and the Faculty of Fine Arts (FBAUP).
As a true reflection of our times I tend to “suffer” with a constant restlessness and a need to do different things from time to time. So, in October 2018, I've become a tattoo artist apprentice in a private studio in Porto. Is through tattoos that I can give life to my most personal illustrations. You can keep up with it here.
Despite all this wilderness I'm a steady freelancer editorial designer at a small publishing company in Porto doing scientific and technical projects. Even so, I'm still up for some forms of collaborative works. So, don't be a stranger, and get in touch!